Blackjack: Return to Player and Soft 17 rule explanation

What is the Return to Player in Blackjack games?

The theoretical Return to Player percentage is different for each Blackjack variant:

  • Blackjack (Three-seat): 95.38%
  • Classic Blackjack: 99.41%
  • Premium Blackjack: 99.67%

What's the Soft 17 rule?

Soft 17 is a hand containing an ace that totals either seven or 17.

What happens if the player hits the Blackjack and the dealer has the Soft 17?

If the player hits the Blackjack, with cards equaling 21, and the dealer has Soft 17, the player will be paid at 3:2 odds.

In our Classic Blackjack tables, the dealers must always hit on Soft 17 and on all totals of 16 or under.

For more information on Blackjack rules, head to the 'How to Play' section of our website.


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