How do you keep your Casino games fair?

The excitement of our games is that anything can happen to anyone. We ensure that all our games are fair for everyone by using a Random Number Generator. This tool also determines bonus rounds in Slot games and assures that all outcomes are unknown and impossible to predict.

As well as this, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) tests, audits and certifies all our games before they go live on our website.

Slot Games

We measure the profitability of our Slots games through the Return to Player (RTP). This number is the theoretical percentage of winnings that a Slot game will pay back to a player over time expressed as a percentage of total amount wagered.

How does it work?
This theoretical percentage is expected through millions of plays that a player will perform on our website over a long period of time. The outcome of our Slot games is totally random because it's the result of our Random Number Generator. The tool ensures all the outcomes are unknown and impossible to predict. The companies that create our slot games are world leaders in online casino game supply. They provide the same games to many other online casinos.

Where can I find the RTP of a Slot game?
You can check the RTP for all Slots we have on offer. Just start the game you're interested in and go to 'Game Rules' or 'Help'.

How can I check my Casino game history?

To see if you hit some winnings recently, log in to our software and go to:

  • Desktop software: Tools → History & Stats → Get Casino Game History
  • Mobile app: Account → History → Casino Game History
  • Website: Account → History → Get Casino Game History


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