Instant Bonus - Balance explanation, managing multiple bonuses and surrender options

When you play a Casino game, the amount you see on your screen includes your money balance plus any active Instant Bonus you might have. Below that, you can see your money balance and the amount of your active Instant Bonus. Tap on the diamond icon to check the details of your Instant Bonus.

The balance of any active Instant Bonus isn't available in the Cashier's summary, in the main Lobby, or when you want to join a poker table. That's because you can only use Instant Bonuses in our casino.

If you have an Instant Bonus that you can use only in specific games, you'll see the two balances (real money and Instant Bonus) only when you're playing in those eligible games.

When you earn winnings from an Instant Bonus, we add those funds to your bonus balance. As soon as you've collected the redemption points for your Instant Bonus, you'll see that amount added to your account. You can use those funds right away in any game you like or withdraw them.

How can I manage multiple Instant Bonuses?

You can use only one Instant Bonus at any time in any eligible game. If you have multiple bonuses, as soon as you've met the wagering requirements for the first one and convert it to real money, you'll be able to start using the next available bonus.

Also, if you surrender, pause, or fail to meet the requirement for one of your Instant Bonuses, you'll be able to start using a different bonus. To change the order in which you want to use your Instant Bonuses, swap them by selecting one of the bonuses from the left side and dragging it high or low depending on which one you prefer.

How can I surrender my Instant Bonus?

You can surrender or give up your Instant Bonus at any time when you think you may be unable to reach the required redemption points.

To surrender your Instant Bonus, select the following options:

  • Desktop: My Rewards → Bonuses → Instant Bonuses
  • Mobile: My Rewards → Instant Bonuses
  • Web app: Account → My Rewards → Bonuses

Next, press on your active Instant Bonus and select 'Surrender'.

You see a pop-up message informing you how much money you'll get if you choose to surrender your Instant Bonus. At that point, you have two options:

  • Cancel your action
  • Select OK

If you've purchased your Instant Bonus, here's how you can calculate the surrender value. Take your original purchase amount minus any losses from the Instant Bonus.

When you have an interrupted Slot game, you won't be able to surrender your Instant Bonus.

In those cases, remember to complete your interrupted slot game. Check out this article if you come across an incomplete game.

Check out our website to learn more about Instant Bonuses.


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