Casino Races: how to opt in and prize pool information

Casino Races are exciting contests where players compete against each other to get the most points and secure the top spots on the Leader Board for prizes. Players in a Casino Race Leader Board are awarded different prizes based on their final position. Rewards include Free Spins, Instant bonuses, and cash.

Casino Races run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so there's never a bad time to play.

How do I join a race?

To take part in a race, select the 'Casino Races' tab in our Casino lobby.

After you've opened Casino Races, you'll see two new tabs: 'Next Races' and 'My Races'. Select 'Play' to join an active Casino Race, or 'Register' to be automatically registered for an upcoming race. Once that Casino Race is available, select 'Play' to start the race.

You can opt in for multiple races and play one race at a time.

To see the 'My Races' tab, you need to be an authenticated player and registered in at least one race. The tab will show you all your completed races and your registered races.

Where can I see the prize pool for a race?

To check the prize pool for a race:

  • Select the trophy icon in the bottom right of the race card.
  • A pop-up window will show you the number of paid positions and the prize awarded for each position.

Each race is different, so the number of positions and the total amount awarded may vary.

When do I get my prize after winning a Casino Race?

Finish in a paid position of the Leader Board at the end of a Casino Race, and you'll receive the final prize immediately after the race's conclusion!

You can also review your Casino Races history under the 'My Races' tab.


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