Casino Races - Lobby explanation

The Race lobby displays the following information:

  • Total Prizes: the total amount of the prize. The different icons will show you if the prize is an Instant Bonus or Free Spins. If the prize is cash, you'll see a currency displayed beside the actual value.
  • Ends in: countdown to the end of a specific race.
  • Duration: this is the length of the Casino Race.
  • Max Spins: in certain races, there is a maximum number of spins per player that will count towards the Casino Race standing.
  • Minimum bet: the smallest bet amount that your spin must have to qualify for the race.
  • Players: the total number of players registered for the race.
  • Rank: displays the different positions in a race that is running. If you're taking part in a race, you'll see your current rank in the Leader Board.
  • Player: displays abbreviations of different usernames for the players who are currently taking part in a race. Ranked from first place.
  • Spins: this shows how many spins out of the total Max Spins (where applicable) you've played.
  • Score: the column shows your current score. If you're participating in a race, you'll be able to see the number of points you've accumulated for the Leader Board updated in real-time.
  • Prize: the column shows the pay-out tables. At the end of a race, the pay-out table will reflect your prize (if any). Your final position in the Leader Board will depend on your score at the end of the race.


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