Casino Race help: interrupted games, points not counted, using instant bonuses

Why weren't my points counted towards the Casino Race?

For your points to count towards a Casino Race, make sure you join or rejoin a slot from the Casino Races menu.

When you open your slot game from anywhere else, you'll get a widget with the following message: 'Your Race is running Play'. Click 'Play' on each new slot to have your points counted in the race. If you see that widget and forget to click on 'Play', you won't get any points for your race.

Can I use Instant Bonuses during a race?

Yes. You can use Casino Instant Bonuses in a Casino Race the same way you use cash. Bets made with an Instant Bonus will qualify if they meet the minimum bet criteria for that race.

What happens to my points if my game is interrupted?

If you're playing a particular slot during a Casino Race and your game is interrupted, that spin won't count towards points for that race.

If you're able to complete the interrupted slot game, you'll receive the winnings as usual.


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