Slots: coin value and bet levels

Your Coin Value is how much you want to spend on each pay line in the game. All players start with a default Coin Value of 0.01.

How does the Coin Value work?

The coin value determines the stake on your spin. So if you're playing a 25 pay line Slot, a Coin Value of 0.01 will give you the total stake on your spin of 0.25 because it sets 0.01 per line:

  • 0.01 (Coin Value) x 25 (pay lines) = 0.25 (total stake)

If you increase your Coin Value to 2, this will give you 0.02 on each pay line:

  • 0.02 (Coin Value) x 25 (pay lines) = 0.50 (total stake)

You can change your stake, but you're limited to the amounts that the Coin Values determine.

How do I change my Coin Value?

  1. First, find your Coin Value.
    • For desktop users, your Coin Value is at the bottom of your screen.
    • If you're on your mobile, your Coin Value is in the upper right-hand corner of your mobile screen.
  2. To change the Coin Value, use the left and right arrows shown next to the Coin Value. To add to your Coin Value select the right arrow. To decrease the value select the left arrow.

Some Slot games might use different shapes instead of arrows, depending on third-party vendors. In this case, press once on the button on the right-hand side of your Coin Value to increase the amount. Or, press once on the left button to decrease the amount.

In other Slot games, you might see a plus and minus symbol next to your Coin Value. If so, select the plus or minus symbol once to raise or lower the value.

Can I personalize stakes using different Bet Levels?

Yes. You can personalize your stakes even more by changing the Bet Level. The different Bet Levels will multiply the Coin Value, and as a result, they will change your total stake.

If you select a Coin Value of 0.02 and a Bet Level of 2, then you'll get a Coin Value of 0.04. So if you're playing a Slot game with 25 pay lines, you'll get:

  • 0.02 (Coin Value) x 2 (Bet Level) = 0.04
  • 0.04 x 25 (pay lines) = 1.00 (total stake)


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